About Us

DiscounTech is the latest addition to the Discount family

Born with a DNA of innovation, equipped with a deep understanding of how the tech eco-system works, we know how important an agile banking partner can play in the process.

Meet the Team

Real-Time Banking

Dedicated teams & digital
solutions for the real world

DiscounTech provides an unparalleled personal approach for entrepreneurs, because we understand what it takes on the road to success.
From dedicated teams to digital responsiveness, we have you covered.

Credit Flexibility

Great ideas require greater flexibility

We understand that the next great tech business takes time to become profitable.
We understand that regular rules can’t always apply. That’s why we’ve developed a uniquely personal / human approach to assessing your business / market potential and providing you with the required credit flexibility to get you there.

Bridge Financing

Finance term sheets, definitive agreements and government backed grants

MRR Financing

Increase your runway with MRR lines linked to your MRR growth

AR / PO Financing

Turn invoices and purchase orders into instant cash for your startup

Venture Lending

Get access to minimal dilutive venture debt for your fast growing startup

Get Global

Scale-up, Take-off

From comprehensive re-location services to our joint partnership with IDB New York, the Discount Family helps you conduct your business anywhere just as if you’re at home.

The Network Effect

Meet the people that count

Ever notice how you get lost at massive networking events? We did, and that’s why we’ve launched the Tech Lounge

The Lounge provides a highly personal networking value to our clients and partners, creating intimate settings to allow you to meet those who will have real impact on your future.

Business Partners

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